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02.04.14 Dear [Jerkface]: Planet Fitness Jenkintown

Today I take on my former gym: Planet Fitness in Jenkintown, PA.     As I’m sure you’ve noticed (because I’m sort of a big deal), I canceled my membership today. In the “Reason for Membership Being Cancelled” line I wrote: “Fox News,” but I’d like to take a moment to elaborate. I’ve been working…

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01.21.14 Dear [Jerkface]: Costco

Today Costco feels my wrath. Feel it Costco! Feel the same pain you inflicted upon me.     I have a confession: I can’t handle change. But how can that be?” you ask. “You moved 15 times growing up. You were a lawyer and now you’re, well, not. Clearly you can handle change.” Okay, you’re…

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01.14.14 Dear Walmart

Today I continue in my Dear [Jerkface] series. Enjoy.     Dear Walmart, There are a lot of important things I could be writing you about: the way you treat your workers, the amount of corporate welfare you receive, the conditions of the people who make the goods you sell, etc., but I have a…

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